The Token Sale for the Avalanche Blockbuster Game Shrapnel was completed for a total of $7 million

Avalanche Game Sharpnel Token Sale

With the completion of a $7 million token sale, Shrapnel, a futuristic shoot-em-up game built on the Avalanche blockchain, has attracted the participation of Dragonfly and Three Arrows Capital, in addition to angel investors such as Keith Nunziata of Citadel Global Equities and Jason Zhao of Kleiner Perkins.

Neon, a spin-off from HBO Interactive that is developing the game Shrapnel, received $10.5 million in a seed round headed by Griffin Gaming Partners and Polychain Capital in November.

Neon is developing the game Shrapnel.

Given that the initial fervor surrounding decentralized finance (DeFi) has subsided and that blue-chip non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are now well established, venture capital is increasingly gravitating toward the GameFi catchall, where players typically earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards by completing tasks and competing against other players.

Mark Long’s Statements

Mark Long, CEO of Shrapnel, who has worked on blockbuster games for platforms ranging from the Sega Genesis to the Playstation 4 for clients such as Disney, Ubisoft, and the United States Army, claims that the first generation of play-to-earn games suffers from a “particularly egregious form of digital sharecropping.”

When it comes to forming his concept for how Shrapnel, which he claims is the first store-quality production on Avalanche, should function, Long also brings up the Quartz catastrophe, which he believes was caused by Ubisoft’s extremely quick entry into the NFT market.

For Long, “I believe that the first developer that offers the option for players to create their own game, a core competitive game of their own, might be a precursor to one of the next huge franchises, and that’s precisely what Shrapnel is,” he stated in an interview.

“It’s entirely based on the possibility for people to modify the game,” says the developer. We’ll provide them with tools that are on par with those available to us as professional developers.”

Long, on the other hand, pointed out that such a procedure would cost tens of millions of dollars and require years of development.

“Blockchain is fundamentally a free technology,” he said. A technology that everyone may download and use to make money is described as follows:

Shrapnel makes use of Avalanche’s subnets architecture, which consists of application-specific chains that may be tailored to meet the unique requirements and regulations of a game.

According to Ed Chang, director of gaming at Ava Labs, the company that developed Avalanche, being able to build up a blockchain on the platform eliminates a lot of difficulties and cuts security threats significantly.

During an interview, Chang said that “we have some game developers that are looking at this as almost like a publishing possibility.”

It is possible that they may get a significant enough subnet following for their game that they will be able to lure other games to really deploy on their subnet as well.

In order to increase the value and governance features of their token, they must have other games that use it.”

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