Big News For Solanax: The Solanax DEX is Live 2022!

The Solanax Dex Is Live As Of 3/3/2022

Solanax has made significant efforts in realizing its most ambitious goals in the last several years. Solanax is really pleased to report that they have achieved their goal. A live version of the Solanax DEX is already available, with swap and liquidity pool capabilities activated.

What Is Solanax?

Being built on the Proof-of-History (PoH) blockchain, Solanax is able to provide enough liquidity while maintaining low slippage. It also provides support for market makers and automated trading bots, as well as support for institutional investors.

Users of Solanax will now be able to take benefit of lightning-fast transactions, pooled liquidity, and extra capabilities for generating passive income as a result of the acquisition.

The introduction of their principal product is a huge step forward in the development of their project and demonstrates the tremendous devotion of their team.

Solanax anticipates that this piece of complicated infrastructure will be extremely valuable to their wide community and crucial to the long-term health of the Solana ecosystem as the company continues to deliver on its long-standing promises.


Solanax’s price has risen to 0.12 (a 250 percent increase in comparison to the previous price) in 26/2, as correctly predicted in a previous technical and fundamental analysis article, after taking into account the external and internal factors that have an impact on the company’s price. The stock is currently trading at 0.08$.

As the crypto space and the Solana ecosystem continue to grow, it seems like Solanax will continue to grow as well, and eventually become the uniswap of Solana!

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