Binance Invests $108M In France

Binance Invests In France

Today, Binance, the world’s top blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of a new office in Paris’ STATION F, the world’s biggest startup campus and home to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

This opening is part of the Objective Moon initiative, which was announced by Changpeng Zhao “CZ,” the founder and CEO of Binance, in November of last year.

This initiative brings together a total of 100 million euros in investment in France in order to establish the nation as the epicenter of the European cryptocurrency community.

“France is a favorite of ours. And the fact that this door has been opened is evidence of participation. We are devoted to the development and maintenance of a robust ecosystem centered on blockchain, Web.3, and metaverse technologies. CZ states that “we are starting in France as a launchpad for Europe and want to use this area as our creative and inventive base.”

By establishing its early-stage startup assistance program at STATION F, Binance will put its talents and know-how at the disposal of the most promising forthcoming businesses in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The following benefits will be provided to the chosen start-ups:

  • Free lodging at STATION F for the duration of the incubation period (which is flexible), as well as access to the many resources made accessible by STATION F, such as venture capitalists, prominent technology businesses, and governmental authorities.
  • Customers get tailored assistance from the BNB Chain, NFT Labs, and Binance Labs teams in order to conceive, develop, and enhance their ideas and initiatives
  • Collaborations with Binance partners are a possibility.
  • Mentoring programs as well as follow-up sessions are available.
  • Meetings with significant actors in the cryptocurrency industry, arranged by Binance France.

“We are thrilled and honored to have the foremost worldwide participant in the web.3 economy join us at STATION F. We believe that this space will be a resource for all those who want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency,” said Roxanne Varza, Director of STATION F. “We hope that this space will be a resource for all those who want to better comprehend blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

“We will be able to help innovators and enterprises thanks to our presence at STATION F.” “By establishing the greatest relationships with our branches and partners, we will help to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs and creative initiatives,” stated David Prinçay, CEO of Binance France.

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