Cardano Wallets Climbed Up 16 Times In The Past 2 years

Cardano Wallets Noticed A Noticeable Increase

ADA wallet addresses have climbed by more than 16 times in comparison to the previous year, indicating a significant growth in the number of wallets holding the Cardano cryptocurrency.

With an increase of 1600 percent from December 2020, when there were 186,000 wallets, to the first quarter of 2022, when there are currently around 3,200,000 wallets, Cardano has risen to become the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world.

Cardano’s Current State

As part of the Basho phase, Cardano is developing an efficient ecosystem to allow and drive the development of decentralized apps.

Cardano is currently in the early phases of this phase (dApps). With smart contracts now in place, Basho is focused on scaling up and optimizing the network as a whole.

The Hydra protocol family has an essential role to play in this regard. It consists of a set of Layer 2 solutions targeted at increasing the overall scalability and security of the network.

What does the future hodl for ADA? We hope the best!

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