Ex-Director of the Bitcoin Foundation Enters the New Hampshire Senate Race


In the state of New Hampshire, Bitcoin enthusiast and crypto supporter Bruce Fenton has launched his campaign for the United States Senate seat.

Fenton worked as a volunteer Executive Director for the Bitcoin Foundation between April 2015 and June 2016, and between April 2016 and April 2018, he worked as a part-time board member on the foundation’s board of directors.

What the Ex-Director of the Bitcoin Foundation said in an interview with the BTCMagazine

He said in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine that his early investment in Bitcoin enabled him to gain a little fortune, of which he expects to utilize $5 million to support his campaign activities in the United States. Fenton has also been involved in the Free State Project in New Hampshire, which is a political “pro-freedom organization” that wants to minimize government monitoring and regulatory costs on businesses.

The Bitcoin Magazine quoted Fenton as saying that he considers bitcoin to be a “political instrument on the side of freedom”:

Bitcoin is not apolitical. Bitcoin is political and has been since its inception. Satoshi understood liberty, freedom and the problems with the existing fiat system. 

Fenton discussed the benefits of utilizing Bitcoin, as well as the possibility that it would upend the present financial system.

He emphasized the absence of a centralized point of control in Bitcoin’s functioning and referred to the digital currency’s operation as “voluntary.” According to Fenton, Bitcoin’s technology represents the “next natural progression” in the history of money and the perception of value across the whole planet.

In spite of the fact that he has championed both Bitcoin and his political campaign, Fenton would want the government to remain out of the cryptosphere:

I’d like to have the government entirely uninvolved with Bitcoin […] The government has no place in Bitcoin. 

Fenton went on to say that Bitcoin was one of the most significant breakthroughs in history for the advancement of peace and humanity.