Fantastic News For Chiliz: Chiliz Chain 2.0 And The New Partnership! Q1 2022


Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) an evolution of BSC, which will be designed specifically for the sports and entertainment industries. The new blockchain will allow leading brands to create Fan Tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets on the new blockchain, with all fees being paid in Chiliz native token $CHZ.

It is anticipated that CC2 will be focused on safeguarding intellectual property and customers, establishing the groundwork for a legitimate, lucrative future for sports and entertainment in the blockchain era.

CC2 will be compatible with the EVM. Compatible with Ethereum and Solidity on a backwards-compatible basis.

For example, CC2 will have low gas costs (paid in $CHZ) that are at least 500 times less expensive than Ethereum, which will decrease limits and allow a community of developers from legitimate sports and entertainment businesses to grow.

Chiliz’s first version of staking will take place at CC2, with the goal of rewarding $CHZ holders to keep their tokens locked up.

The introduction of the public testnet for CC2 is presently anticipated for the first quarter of this year.

Chiliz’s Partnership with Ankr

A cooperation with Ankr to build Chiliz Chain 2.0 was announced on February 9th by Chiliz, which is the top blockchain solution for the sports and entertainment industries (CC2). The Web3 infrastructure provider will become the primary implementer of CC2 by introducing a validator and making its node hosting services accessible to the general public via its simple interface.

Following the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by top sports organizations via Fan Tokens and the fan interaction platform, Chiliz is now poised to offer its ecosystem to a far broader audience in 2022, as part of a larger strategic initiative.

CC2 will serve as a catalyst for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the sports and entertainment industries, with brands from both sectors, as well as projects from new verticals, being invited to develop Fan Tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets on the new blockchain, with all fees being paid in the Chiliz native token, $CHZ, as part of the CC2 ecosystem. Ankr, as a prominent decentralized infrastructure provider, will contribute to the realization of this ambition.

What is Chiliz (CHZ)? A Promising Project For Fans in 2022
Source: Chiliz

“With the rock solid foundations provided by Ankr, Chiliz Chain 2.0 has the potential to become a game-changing blockchain that will have a profound impact, not only in the blockchain space, but across the entire landscape of mainstream sports and entertainment,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and

It is no longer the only curator of the $CHZ tale and is free to adapt to best meet the demands of its ever-expanding roster of partners, let alone the millions of $CHZ enthusiasts all over the globe,” says

Chiliz anticipates the creation of a much larger Chiliz story, as well as a multifunctional future for $CHZ as the network facilitator of the new expanding Chiliz Chain 2.0 ecosystem, while will continue to grow at a quick pace.

The introduction of CC2 will significantly boost the usefulness of $CHZ, transforming it from a transactional token that has hitherto been used solely on into a network enabler for a new blockchain that will be established for the whole global sports and entertainment sector.

In addition, Ankr CEO Chandler Song said, “We have watched and backed Chiliz and as they have redefined the world of sports and entertainment using blockchain technology for numerous years.” Ankr are pleased to have been chosen as the partner that will assist in taking this initiative to the next level.”

Aside from that, the introduction of CC2 will facilitate the establishment of Chiliz Labs, an accelerator program that will provide incentives to projects seeking to harness and deploy blockchain technology in sports and entertainment to develop on the CC2 technology platform.

Chiliz is the company that developed Fan Tokens as well as the fan interaction software. The cutting-edge blockchain technology developed by has already been adopted by over 130 athletic organizations throughout the globe, allowing them to empower and enrich the experience of their followers.

Footballing behemoths such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Arsenal, among others, are represented on the roster, which also includes prominent MMA brands, Formula 1 teams, esports clubs, and NHL, NFL, MLS, and NBA organizations, among others.

Launch of the public testnet for Chiliz Chain 2.0 is presently planned for the first quarter of this year.

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