One of the infrastructure companies that connects banks and businesses to Bitcoin, Ibex and the Lightning Network has raised $4 million in a seed round of investment, according to a press release.

We have set our sights on expansion in North America and Europe with our $20 million valuation, thanks to the support of investors such as Stillmark. LUM Ventures. Fulgur.Ventures.Hivemind.Ventures and Ten31.


IBEX’s Press Release

According to a press release, IBEX Mercado CEO Jose Luis Lemus commented, “Many people still have the erroneous concept about Bitcoin.” Rather than merely a store of money, or even a quicker and cheaper method of transacting, it is the foundation for the most ambitious, disruptive change of financial power in history.

IBEX played a key role in El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal money. Using the Lightning Network, companies like as Starbucks were able to accomplish amazing turnarounds, enabling customers across the nation to trade with their bitcoin. It is imperative that the small Guatemalan business considers the values and requirements of those without bank accounts as it works to achieve hyperbitcoinization.

Many Are Unbanked

According to Lemus, “it’s outrageous that in the twenty-first century, a third of the earth remains unbanked and an even larger amount are underbanked — even in the world’s greatest civilizations. These individuals will be able to deal competitively and fairly on the Lightning Network, allowing them to take control of their own financial futures for the first time in their lives.

Many investing companies have joined IBEX in observing the increasing number of Lightning Network-integrated solutions offered to enterprises. IBEX aims to prepare the world for what they believe is to come as Lightning continues to evolve.

“They get rapid access to a large spectrum of clients and new income streams by accessing this tremendously long-tail of previously forgotten individuals,” Lemus added. Lightning’s “exceptional economic prospects” will be shown through this investment.