New Digital Games Choose Algorand! These are the reasons


Aegir Tactics is new a digital card game that makes use of Algorand for payment and asset management. This is owing to the speed, affordability, dependability, and security of the system, as well as the lack of forking assurances.

New Digital Games Choose Algorand! These are the reasons Aegir


New players should be able to hop right into playing the game without needing to purchase every card for a custom deck.

To play, players should not need to know anything about cryptocurrency or the blockchain.


Players that perform well in their games should be recognized for their efforts.

Players who have the greatest money should not have a competitive edge over their opponents.


Players should be able to claim ownership of assets that they have purchased (just like physical card games).

Assets should be able to be transferred outside of the game’s environment.

New Digital Games Choose Algorand! These are the reasons Aegir
Nazir is one of Aegir Tactics Mythic Legends.


Aegir Tactics has a few conditions that must be met in order for the organization to fulfill its big mission.


Payments must be processed quickly so that players are not forced to wait for their cosmetics or new decks to arrive before proceeding to the next round of play.

Transactions must be inexpensive in order to avoid prohibiting modest payments.

The payment system must be dependable and secure in order to be effective.

Transactions must have the least amount of negative influence on the environment.


Assets that are transferable outside of the game must be able to be transferred inside the game.

There should never be a way to replicate an asset.

Every ownable object should be available in restricted quantities.

The expense of developing new assets should not be prohibitive.


The integration with the Aegir Tactics technology stack should be straightforward.

The Advantage of Algorand

There are a plethora of excellent blockchains available for gaming infrastructure development at the moment, but Algorand stood out for meeting our criteria while being inexpensive and simple to implement.


Finalization of the transaction takes around 4.4 seconds.

Transaction costs are as little as 0.001 Algos.

Since the core network has been operational, there has been no downtime.

Atomic swaps are a basic function that is safe to use.

Environmental Impact: Algorand is a highly efficient Pure Proof of Stake blockchain that is now carbon neutral and on the path to become carbon negative in the future.


Assets that may be transferred include Layer 1 NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

There are no duplicates: Algorand never forks his sword.

Limited Supply: When an ASA is created, a restriction on the number of ASAs is set.

Assets may be created for as little as 0.001 Algos at a low cost.

Minting Speed: Minting ASAs on Algorand is a quick and efficient process.


Integrations: excellent JavaScript and Golang SDKs that are constantly being updated.

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