Ripple Lawsuit | New emails published show the SEC’s conflict of interest in crypto regulation

New Emails Became Public | Ripple Lawsuit

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) emails revealing unlawful activity by the agency’s officers in connection with the Ripple (XRP) litigation have been made public by the non-profit group Empower Oversight.

An email from an SEC official to his previous employer Simpson Thacher, according to a statement from the organization, indicates that Hinman was warned about a potential conflict of interest with his former employer.

Empower Oversight’s Role

When Empower Oversight petitioned for the release of the emails, it claimed that the communications would demonstrate that the SEC was selectively enforcing regulations in the cryptocurrency business.

The group said that there is a potential that the SEC is favoring certain cryptocurrencies over others in its cryptocurrency promotion.

Despite the worries, Hinman is said to have maintained his relationship with the New York-based legal firm. In the aftermath of the warning, Hinman met with the other partner of the law firm, Josh Bonnie, as well as the co-founders and investors in Ethereum and many more.