New Ripple Partnership | Founding sponsor of the Carnegie Mellon University Secure Blockchain Initiative


A New Ripple Partnership

A founding sponsor of Carnegie Mellon University‘s Secure Blockchain Initiative (Blockchain@CyLab), a university-wide interdisciplinary research program that seeks to rethink blockchain across enterprise ecosystems in order to tackle big challenges in blockchain, is Ripple, a global payments enterprise blockchain company.

The Ripple team is looking forward to collaborating with worldwide experts to address these open research concerns as part of its support of Carnegie Mellon teachers and students, according to Lauren Weymouth, Director of University Partnerships at Ripple. “We are looking forward to becoming a part of such a forward-thinking program that has the potential to make significant advancements in the blockchain business,” said the program’s director.

We are looking forward to being a part of such a forward-thinking program with the potential to make huge strides in the blockchain industry.

Lauren WeymouthDirector of University Partnerships, Ripple

Ripple’s Past With The Carnegie Mellon University

The announcement comes three years after CMU announced a then new partnership with Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative to support academic research, technical development, and innovation in the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments. Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative supports academic research, technical development, and innovation in the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments.

The partnership has facilitated collaboration between the company and CMU researchers on several blockchain-focused projects, which have resulted in publications and presentations, including at UBRI Connect, Ripple’s annual academic meeting that showcases the research achievements of UBRI partner institutions and researchers.

According to Weymouth, “Our objective is to assist research and education in blockchain and cryptocurrencies at institutions throughout the globe, and it wouldn’t be feasible without partners like CMU.”

To Weymouth, the importance of security and privacy is crucial to both the success of Ripple’s purpose as well as the expansion of the industry, noting that blockchains were designed to be safe, transparent, immutable, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

According to Ripple’s CEO, Weymouth, the company’s goal is to “guarantee that institutions, enterprises, and their consumers are able to access an open and inclusive financial system.” For us to realize our aims of contributing to the creation of the future of global banking, it is critical that security and privacy remain the highest priorities in these systems.

The Blockchain@CyLab initiative, which will be co-directed by CyLab’s Nicolas Christin, Elaine Shi, and Ariel Zetlin-Jones, aims to tackle some of the most difficult research challenges in blockchain technologies, such as consensus mechanisms and scalability; cryptocurrencies and markets; cryptography; formal verification; and regulation, policy, and governance, among other things.

Sponsoring Blockchain@CyLab is a perfect and natural progression of a thriving partnership and collaboration between CMU and Ripple

Ramayya KrishnanDean, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

As Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Global Operations at Ripple, put it, “In less than a year since UBRI’s launch, we are already seeing UBRI partners develop new cross-disciplinary research programs and courses, as well as collaborate with one another to share ideas on how to grow the blockchain ecosystem.”

“Beyond doing innovative research and developing technological innovations, various partners will offer events to address themes ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrency to cybersecurity and regulatory challenges, among other things. With great excitement, we will be supporting and participating in these important conferences and workshops.”

In order to contribute to the development of the global blockchain ecosystem, each university partner sets its own research subjects and areas of concentration. Ripple is also supporting CMU with strategic advise and technical resources as required, in addition to financial assistance.

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