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Cardano Announces a New Project that Helps the Ecosystem Grow Faster

Cardano's AnnouncementIn conjunction with iceaddis, a pan-African company incubator, Input-Output Global's Project Catalyst has established Ariob, an incubator program, Cardano Announces.By giving start-ups with venture-building skills and resources to assist them create solutions that solve real-world challenges in Africa, this strategic alliance intends to...

Vitalik Buterin is worried about Ethereum | How did the community react?

Ethereum (ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin has voiced his fears about the future of the ethereum cryptocurrency. ETHDubai attendees, on the other hand, had a more nuanced reaction to Buterin's address on the dangers of cryptocurrency.Vitalik's Concern On EthereumEthereum's creator expressed some of his concerns about...