We will see an Algebra x Rubic (RBC) airdrop soon!


Algebra is conducting an airdrop to reward $RBC, rubic token holders.

Algebra (ALGB) tokens will be available to Rubic owners.Having RBC tokens in your wallet will increase the size of your wallet even more!

Conditions to participate

  • Hold at least 1,000 ALGB and at least 1,000 RBC tokens on one network in your wallet address (Ethereum, Polygon or BNB Chain).
  • Fill out this form.
  • Be ready for the snapshot date on April 28th, 15:00 UTC.

How will the distribution be done?

The ALGB distribution will be broken down into four stages. At each stage of the event, you’ll receive 1/8 of the RBC amount in your wallet in ALGB tokens.

Tokens will be distributed at a rate of 2 ALGB to 1 RBC.For example, if your wallet has 2,000 RBC and 1,000 ALGB, and your wallet balance remains unchanged throughout the Airdrop period, you will get 1,000 ALGB in four steps:

  • The 1st stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 2nd stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 3rd stage — 250 ALGB
  • The 4th stage — 250 ALGB

The last three stages of the rubic and algebra airdrop

The Airdrop for the next three stages will be computed depending on the wallet address’s minimum balance between each stage.

This means that if you reduce the quantity of ALGB or RBC in your account, the amount of incentives you receive will drop as well.

Please indicate in the form if you have locked RBC tokens (staked or added to our LP program) and wish to participate in the Airdrop. After the snapshot date of April 28th, the form will be available for two weeks.

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