What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022


What Is Bezoge Earth’s Legends of Bezogia?

Bezoge Earth’s Legends of Bezogia is a play-to-earn MMORPG set in the Bezogia universe. To rid the planet of fud, PILLAGE enemy SHIBs and DOGEs, MINT strong NFT weaponry, and treasures like the famous Green Candle and Recovery Seed Amulet. SUMMON tradeable Bezogi NFTs to add to your collection by using the power of the blocks. To EARN actual money for your marketable NFT assets, buy and sell your blocks, weapons, and Bezogi NFTs on the world-famous Bull Market.

Bezogia is a Play to Earn Game

How can i Earn In Bezogia?

You Collect Magical Blocks ($BLKs) by killing enemies.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Ingame Image ,Source: Bezogia

Magical Blocks ($BLKs) – The In-Game Currency of Bezogia

By way of a liquidity pair on QuickSwap, and maybe other decentralized trading platforms such as UniSwap in the future, $BLKs are directly connected to $BEZOGE. This implies that anytime another cryptocurrency, like as $ETH, is used to purchase $BLKs, the $ETH will first be exchanged for $BEZOGE, and then the $BEZOGE will be exchanged for the equivalent hue of $BLK.

The purchase of Magical Blocks ($BLKs) will also result in the purchase of our native token, $BEZOGE, resulting in the creation of value for holders of the $BEZOGE token on a per transaction basis.

When an opponent is slain, it decomposes into a number of $BLKs that the player may gather. $BLKs are available in eight distinct colors:

Source: Bezogia Wiki

Money in the form of $BLKS may be gathered in-game and exchanged publicly on DeFi exchanges such as QuickSwap and UniSwap.

The Inflationary Side

Magical Blocks are an inflationary ERC20 token on the Polygon blockchain, with multiple balancing measures in place to incentivise and counteract volatility. Magical Blocks are a good investment since they are easy to acquire and hold.

In Legends of Bezogia, the only way to get additional $BLKs is to defeat your opponents in battle. When an adversary is slain, it will decompose into a variety of blocks dependent on the color of its corpse. For example, if the adversary was 50 percent black and 50 percent green, after it was slain, it might be broken down into 5 BKBLK and 5 GNBLK, which the player could then use to purchase further items.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Ingame Image ,Source: Bezogia

The greater the number of active players in the game, the greater the number of opponents that will be created, indicating that the inflationary component of the tokens is directly related to the number of active players in the game. The greater the number of players online, the greater the number of foes created, and the greater the number of BLKs minted.

For the purpose of reducing the possibility of hyperinflation, the quantity of new tokens minted each day is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the total amount of tokens burned via the summoning of Bezogi and the minting of in-game objects. In other words, the more $BLKs that are burned on a daily basis, the more $BLKs that will be available to gain in-game as rewards.

The Deflationary Side

$BLKs are used to pay for a variety of game elements such as Minting, Summoning, and a variety of others. When $BLKs are used as a payment method, they are burned, reducing the overall quantity of the token.

Every facet of the game is intended to entice players to spend their $BLKs as much as possible. Due to the fact that there is no way to immediately level up your Bezogi via gameplay, the only method to enhance your character is to mint non-lethal weaponry (NFT weapons).

Aside from that, as the number of active players in Legends of Bezogia grows, more Bezogis will be required to accommodate new players, and the only method to expand the supply of Bezogis is to spend $BLKs in order to summon more.

Bringing Bezogi to life and selling them

The overall supply of Bezogi starts with 4096, however it may be raised by summoning more using two Bezogi, similar to a breeding function. To summon strong and unique Bezogi, mix and combine Bezogi. Start your own summoning company and sell your summoned Bezogi at Bull Market, or hoard your Bezogi like the renowned Fud King of Bezogia.

Each Bezogi has its own distinct characteristics depending on the coloration of its body parts, each of which represents a different percentage of skill increase. The breed and DNA of Bezogis are drawn directly from the two Bezogi summoned; the purer the summoners’ blood, the greater the probability of acquiring a rare, epic, or even purebred Bezogi.

Using two Bezogi characters to summon in-game NFT Bezogi characters will raise the cost of summoning by a bonding curve each time you utilize two Bezogi characters to summon. In contrast to Minting, the cost of summoning will need the usage of a certain number of each color of block, which will be determined by the breed percentage of the two Bezogi utilized in the summoning process.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Source: Bezogia

In terms of blocks, the precise pricing has not yet been determined and is subject to change throughout the alpha and beta testing phases. As an illustration, the following example includes some fictitious expenses to give you an understanding of how the process works from a cost standpoint:

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Source: Bezogia

Each Bezogi has a unique summoning count that is associated with it. Every time a Bezogi is summoned, the number of times it has been summoned will be raised by one. This implies that the more times a Bezogi is summoned, the greater the cost of calling another Bezogi becomes.

Minting and selling in-game goods

The fabled weapons and artifacts in Bezogia’s kingdoms are made entirely of blocks ($BLKs). Mint famous weapons and equipment with your blocks, like as the Green Candle, a rock-solid blade capable of cracking a skull or ten, and often used to light the way when hunting down adversaries in dark tunnels.

Perhaps the renowned Freezogi Gas Mask, a poorly made bio-enhancing Gas Mask that melds with their face, clinging horribly to the teeth, and when triggered, produces a continual stream of intoxicating gas. The frightening mask, which sends chills down the spines of everyone in sight when seen in the dark, provides Bezogi an unexpected boost in strength and endurance.

Collect magical blocks ($BLKs) throughout Bezogia’s regions to create your own mythological NFT products that you can sell on the open market.

Summoning, like Minting, is not a precise science, and there is an element of randomness to the process, which adds to the enjoyment of summoning Bezogi by increasing the suspense. In order to determine the color of each body part based on the Bezogi used to summon them, we utilize Chainlink VRF to offer a verified source of randomness on the blockchain. We then use this source of randomness to determine the color of each body part based on the Bezogi used to summon them.

Summoned Bezogi’s breed and body color are directly derived from the two Bezogi used to summon, but with an added element of randomness, provided by Chainlink VRF, we are able to make the summoning process a much more engaging experience and add an element of luck to the process.

For a more in-depth explanation, have a look at the sample below.

You can win $BLKs and $BEZOGE by competing with other players

A portion of all blocks gained from adversaries slain in the game will be put into a reward pool for the season. Each season, players will compete in their breeds to see who can achieve the most kills and gather the most blocks in order to win the prize.

Based on the quantity of blocks gathered and monsters destroyed, the reward will be awarded to all players that contributed to the winning breed. For example, player 1 would win 10% of the prize pool if they gathered 10% of the total blocks acquired by the Darkzogi breed.

Bezogis Shuffle Source:Bezogia

Create Passive Income Streams By Renting your Bezogis

Owners of Bezogi NFTs who are not currently using them may rent them out to earn passive money from other players while they are not in use.

Legends of Bezogia is intended to be a popular game that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a financial interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. A completely decentralized NFT rental mechanism is included in the game, which allows players to rent NFTs for usage in the game without having to post any collateral or pay any gas costs in order to do this. Because of this, non-crypto players will be able to participate in Legends of Bezogia in the same way they would in any other free-to-play game with no entrance barrier.

In addition, we predict that as the number of active players grows, the barrier to owning a Bezogi will rise, making it more difficult for new players to get their own Bezogi. This issue may be resolved by the use of Decentralized Bezogi rental, or as we refer to it, DBR (DeRent). New players will no longer be required to possess an NFT in order to participate in the game; instead, they will just launch the game, pick which Bezogi to rent, and begin playing in a matter of seconds.

A set proportion of the blocks gathered by the player throughout the course of the game, as the player kills adversaries and collects blocks, will be paid as a rental charge to the NFT’s owner by the player.

More on the NFT in-game Collectibles


Bezogis are (NFT) in-game characters that live on the Polygon Blockchain and may be used to participate in the game Legends of Bezogia. Outside, they may seem to be adorable, but behind those adorable puppy eyes are ferocious warriors that plunder the regions of Bezogia in search of blocks that can be used to manufacture fabled weapons and call more Bezogi.

Create a Bezogi collection, manufacture famous mythological weaponry, and loot resources all while using cutting-edge Blockchain technology to accomplish your goals.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Source: Bezogia

Bezogi Origin Blocks

In order to call one of the 4096 randomly selected and entirely unique Origin Bezogi, you must first collect Bezogi Origin Blocks.

Bezogi Origin Blocks, Source: Bezogia

The Bezogi NFT smart contract has a function that may be called from an Origin Block in order to summon a Bezogi. A random number between 1 and 4096 is generated by using Chainlink’s VRF function, which is then used to determine which Bezogi should be summoned. We remove each summoned Bezogi from the pool of bezogis that are currently available and alter the range of random number creation to account for this.

Similarly to the famous Schrödinger’s cat experiment, no one will know what Bezogi is contained inside each Origin Block until it is opened. Until it has been used to summon a Bezogi, an Origin Block may be both every Bezogi and no Bezogi all at the same time.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Source: Bezogia

When it comes to opening up their Origin Block, it is entirely up to the player to make that decision. In the same way that unopened first edition Pokémon card booster packs gain in value over time, we want collectors to be able to retain their Origin Blocks intact in the hope that they will increase in value over time as well. As you can see, if there are just a few Origin Blocks left and certain purebreds have yet to be summoned, the value of an Origin Block may skyrocket dramatically in value.


There are eight different breeds of Bezogi. It is more than simply appearances that distinguish the iconic hues of the legendary Bezogi; they have meaning, they have passion, they have personality. Each color represents one of eight distinct characteristics that correspond to the eight bloodlines of the Bezogi and reflect their direct lineage to the mythical legendary purebreds. Each color represents one of eight distinct characteristics that correspond to the eight lineages of the Bezogi.

What is Bezogia? A Fascinating Crypto Game By Bezoge 2022
Source: Bezogia

All in all, Legends Of Bezogia seems to be a very interesting and promising Project! I am very curious to see what the future holds for this game! For more you can visit their website!

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