What is Kick? An interesting Fundraising Platform 2022


What Is Kick.IO?

KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and project accelerator that is aimed to take use of DeFi developments in order to deliver transparent, efficient, and completely decentralized crowdfunding services to the public. To the contrary of our rivals, Kick.io provides complete support for Cardano native tokens, in addition to a set of powerful DeFi technologies that prospective projects need in order to succeed and grow.

This cryptocurrency is expected to become a key element of the Cardano ecosystem, which was developed by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum and is already generally expected to exceed Ethereum in terms of network transactions within a short period of time. Cardano will provide technologically and financially better DeFi protocols as soon as it adds smart contract support (now implemented), which will likely make it the next go-to destination for all market players once it introduces smart contract support.

As soon as the DeFi dinosaurs are pushed off the planet, KICK.IO is poised to develop and become the cornerstone of the new Cardano-dominated DeFi environment. A location where Cardano’s large and diverse community may join together to support high-growth initiatives with enormous promise for future success, KICK.IO will serve as the platform for this collaboration.

Kick.IO will provide market-leading features customized for Cardano-based projects and ecosystem consumers, led by DeFi and conventional finance specialists. We’ve previously built a centralized solution to demonstrate the idea. No counterparty risk, real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, genuine decentralization and scalability for institutional investors are all features of our next-generation decentralized launchpad.

Other Cardano IDO launchpads do not accept native Cardano coins like KICK.IO. Most launchpads ignore non-ERC20 coins, which is a significant disappointment to the community. KICK.IO, on the other hand, supports all Cardano native tokens and provides current project kickstarting and endorsement tools.

Kick also provides staking and up to 5% extra profit for authorized projects. Users may explore Kick’s vetted project listings, meet the creators, and vote for the most reputable.

Before releasing projects to kick’s users, they are evaluated by knowledgeable investors and the platform’s due diligence staff. KICK.IO wants to enable cost-effective and timely project financing, ensuring future success. In order to protect kick’s investors’ interests, KICK.IO only approves the most reputable and promising projects, those with the most potential to positively impact the Cardano ecosystem.

Kick’s Vision for the Future

Everything KICK does is guided by a decentralized concept that informs everything they do. In contrast to traditional fundraising methods, cash earned are given directly to projects, and tokens bought are sent immediately to users’ personal wallets, eliminating the need for time-consuming checks or needless delays. Our financial sustainability and inclusivity are also important to us, and we work hard to make sure that our efforts benefit all stakeholders, as well as helping to improve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi business.

IDO Launchpad

Meet the expectations of being an early investor in a unicorn-level enterprise. Explore the KICK.IO IDO Launchpad to find the greatest new emerging businesses and get in on the ground floor. Only projects that have been carefully selected will be hosted. The larger the potential benefit, the sooner you can get started. After the early rounds have been finished, other platforms usually offer projects and their native tokens.

KICK.IO welcomes its users to join early and profit from the high-grossing perks that come with it in the future. One of the most difficult obstacles an entrepreneur must overcome is funding their idea and acquiring operating capital.

Meanwhile, remaining secure, avoiding frauds, and evading phishing efforts are some of the most common issues faced by bitcoin investors. Fortunately, the KICK.IO IDO Launchpad addresses all of these issues and is a logical progression of the crypto fundraising process. The structure is comparable to that of the IEO. The main distinction is that both the entrepreneur and the investors use a third-party decentralized platform to execute their transactions.

There are multiple advantages to executing an IDO rather than an ICO in terms of security of money, project visibility, fraud prevention, and instant token listing – and project owners are clearly recognizing them. The most promising and reputable start-ups seeking funding will be carefully selected by the internal due diligence department.

KICK.IO will host the IDO of these projects in order to continue giving the best discounts in the market to its audience. KICK.IO is looking forward to working with start-up incubators and accelerator centers, as well as maintaining an open mind with its partner and community network.

The ultimate objective is to find and contact new Cardano Ecosystem firms with the greatest upside potential. IDOs for both utility and security tokens will be hosted on KICK.IO. Aside from the most popular payment options of ADA, ETH, and other stable currencies, KICK.IO will prioritize IDO donations in native KICK token, providing the token with additional usefulness.

Kick’s LaunchPad Features

What is Kick (Kick)? An interesting Fundraising Platform 2022
Source: Kick.io


Project is receiving 92.5% of funds, the remaining 7.5% are
allocated for:

  • 5% Endorsement rewards
  • 2.5% Platform Commission fee

Model of Endorsement Reward

How does it Function?

Holders of KICK tokens have the ability to endorse any of the new projects now live on the IDO launchpad. In other words, it’s a staking-like approach. After approving a project, KICK Token holders are able to get an equal share of the endorsement incentive.

The quantity of KICK Token given determines the magnitude of the stake.
After each investment transaction that the project gets, rewards are distributed.

The Roadmap of the Project

What is Kick (Kick)? An interesting Fundraising Platform 2022
Source: Kick.io


What is Kick (Kick)? An interesting Fundraising Platform 2022
Source: Kick.io
What is Kick (Kick)? An interesting Fundraising Platform 2022
Source: Kick.io

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