What Is The Pizza Game? A Cool Crypto Game On AVAX


Inspired by a favorite childhood online game, Cookie Clicker, the Pizza Game is an Avalanche on-chain game. The Pizza Game requires you to acquire a Pizza Chef and place them in the Pizzeria before you can begin to play it. Whenever chefs are staked, they create $PIZZA per minute and are ERC721 non-financial tokens (NFTs). $PIZZA is an ERC20 token, which means that it can be traded on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges such as Trader Joe’s and Coinbase.

This chain was chosen due of its amazing community and cheap gas prices, which democratize P2E by allowing anybody with any wallet size to mint and trade NFTs.

Throughout the game, a player may acquire many tools, ranging from basic goods such as a Pizza Cutter to more advanced objects such as a Pizza Portal and much more.

The player’s rate of $PIZZA production is increased by using these tools. The objective is straightforward: cook as much $PIZZA as possible, amass as many equipment and chefs as possible, and ultimately conquer the Pizza business.

The Chefs

Pizza Chefs are ERC721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that may be minted for 1.5 AVAX apiece and are your golden ticket to playing the Pizza Game. Chefs make $PIZZA per minute (1 PPM) while you have a stake in the Pizzeria, which you can claim and spend to acquire tools. Chefs are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and as such, they can be exchanged on major exchanges like as NFTrade and TofuNFT.

Chefs from Generation 0 (Gen0) have a maximum supply of 10,000 at any one time. After all of the Gen0 coins have been manufactured, Gen1 coins will be ready for minting. Chefs from Generation 1 may be obtained for $PIZZA, the primary in-game money. All tokens created during the Gen1 coinage will be destroyed.

When minting a chef, there is a 5 percent chance that you will mint a Master Chef, who is a highly skilled chef who can prepare $PIZZA three times quicker than the average chef (3 PPM).

The income generated by Gen0 minting will be distributed as follows:

  • Trader Joe’s is offering a 25 percent discount on the liquidity pair $PIZZA-AVAX.
  • 15 percent will be used for community development.
  • 4% of the proceeds go to charity.
  • Operational expenditures and future development account for 31% of total costs.
  • Developers get a quarter of the pie.


By putting your cooks to work at the Pizzeria, you can put them to good use. In the beginning, you will only be able to stake a maximum of 10 cooks in the Pizzeria. As your company grows, you will be able to employ additional chefs to prepare pizza.

A typical chef can prepare one $PIZZA per minute, but a Master Chef can prepare three $PIZZA per minute. When you claim the cooked $PIZZA, 10% of it is burnt, and the remaining 10% is placed in the Freezer for later use (more on that later).

Each chef becomes exhausted as a result of their nonstop labor in the $PIZZA kitchen. The greater the rate of pizza production (PPM), the more quickly the cooks get exhausted. Chefs who are fatigued create less and less pizza, ultimately ceasing their $PIZZA production altogether.

It is necessary to unstake a chef and then rest for up to 12 hours, depending on how exhausted he or she is, in order to recuperate. The chef does not prepare any $PIZZA while he is recuperating.

The $PIZZA Token

It is an ERC20 token, and it can be used in-game to purchase chef gear and chefs, or it can be exchanged for real money on famous exchanges like Trader Joe’s.

All chefs continue to prepare $PIZZA indefinitely, indicating that there is no limit to the amount of $PIZZA available. Players, on the other hand, are continually burning $PIZZA when they claim $PIZZA in the Pizzeria, mint equipment, mint Gen-1 cooks, and unstake $PIZZA from the Freezer, among other things.

25 percent of the money generated by Gen0 coin minting will be utilized to increase liquidity on the $PIZZA-AVAX pair on Trader Joe’s, allowing this currency to be traded as soon as the game begins.

Pizza Game Pizzeria
Source: Pizza.Game

Chef tools

For those who wish to generate more $PIZZA, they have two choices: hire more chefs or invest in mint chef equipment. When tools are invested in a pizzeria, they produce a significant increase in $PIZZA productivity. Even still, each chef is only allowed to have one tool staked!

Also available as NFT are chef tools, which are ERC721 tokens that can be sold on major exchanges like NFTrade and TofuNFT. All of the tools are in limited availability and must be purchased with $PIZZA and $SODA. The minting process consumes 98 percent of the cost.

The remainder (2 percent) is utilized to further increase the liquidity of the $PIZZA-$SODA pair on Trader Joe’s website. Starting with three tools, the game will evolve as additional levels of equipment are introduced.

Tier 1 – Pizza Peel: When it comes to making pizza, every chef’s best buddy is the pizza peel.

Tier 2 – Pizza Cutter: This tool is very sharp and precise, and a cook who uses it may become dangerously efficient.

Customers’ hands will no longer be burned after completing Tier 3 – Pizza Box. You’ll be able to offer your consumers in a lot more sanitary way as a result of it.

The Freezer

You may put your hard-earned $PIZZA in the Freezer to expedite the process of getting $PIZZA even quicker. When a player claims $PIZZA in the Pizzeria, a flat tax of ten percent of the amount is collected and placed in the Freezer. You may put your $PIZZA in the Freezer in exchange for a reduction in those taxes.

Consider the following scenario: you wish to thaw your $PIZZA (unstake) from the Freezer. In such situation, you have two options: thaw your $PIZZA gently to ensure that you limit your losses, or defrost it quickly to lose the majority of the advantages.

When utilizing the slow approach, it takes two days to thaw $PIZZA from the freezer, and ten percent of the pizza will perish. If you need to thaw anything quickly, 25 percent of the food is kept in the freezer as a flat fee, and the remaining 25 percent spoils. The spoiled tokens are disposed of in a fire.

Pizza Game Freezer
Source: Pizza.Game

Soda Fountain

The Soda Fountain is the location where you may purchase $SODA. To begin earning $SODA, you must first set up a $PIZZA-AVAX liquidity pair on Trader Joe’s and stake the LP tokens in the Soda Fountain in order to begin earning the currency.

The greater the number of LP tokens you wager, the greater the number of $SODA tokens you get rewarded with.

Soda Fountain
Source: Pizza.Game


$SODA is an ERC20 capped and deflationary token that was inspired by the Chikn game and is used in conjunction with the $PIZZA token in the Pizza Game to form a pair.

$SODA Pizza Game
Source: Pizza.Game

What’s the idea behind $SODA?

Chefs should be purchased, and some $PIZZA should be prepared.

In order to farm $SODA, you must stake your $PIZZA-AVAX liquidity pair in the Soda Fountain.

Improve your Pizzeria’s appearance and purchase tools with $SODA.

Pizzeria skill points may be used to increase the amount of $PIZZA produced.

This cryptocurrency has a maximum quantity of 15,000,000 units and it’s distributed in the following ways:

$SODA-$PIZZA will get $SODA-$PIZZA’s first $100,000 in liquidity.

The remaining 14,900,000 will be used to pay out staking prizes for the Soda Fountain.

Since a result, while minting chef equipment and upgrading your Pizzeria, $SODA is deflationary, as it is burnt.

A new liquidity pair, $PIZZA-$SODA, will be introduced at Trader Joe’s. 2 percent of the total cost of minting chef tools will be utilized to boost the liquidity of the $PIZZA-$SODA pair on Trader Joe’s website.

Making improvements to the Pizzeria

With the help of $SODA, the Pizzeria may be upgraded. All Pizzerias begin at level 1 and must earn a certain amount of $SODA in order to progress. A skill point is awarded for completing each level, which may be used to improve your pizza-making abilities.

The amount of $SODA required for each level increases, making it more difficult to earn skill points. In order to improve your PPM, reduce tiredness, increase the number of chefs staked, and let you to employ certain chef equipment, you must first earn skill points in order to do so.

What’s A Strategy For The Game?

The game moves at a more leisurely pace and is more concerned with strategy. It is not a race to the last piece of equipment! Instead, players must strike a balance between the number of cooks, the amount of tools, and the number of Pizzeria levels in order to maximize efficiency.

The new mechanics are based on a game theory notion, which will result in a more fair and long-lasting gaming experience overall. A player who desires to purchase a tool must also have a Pizza Chef who is prepared to utilize that tool; this will discourage tool hoarding and provide players with a greater variety of techniques to pick from.

Furthermore, since chefs are obliged to play, this provides cooks with an eternal usefulness and restricts the amount of tools that a player may stake.

As the PPM increases, the tiredness mechanism makes the game more difficult due to the increased difficulty of the game. Players will need to think outside the box in order to get the maximum potential PPM without exhausting their cooks!

Purchasing $PIZZA and $SODA is very vital for gaining an advantage in the game, and it may also be utilized as a catch-up strategy for those who did not begin playing on day one.

The Above Article Is Based On The Game’s Whitepaper.

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