What Is RastaSwap – An Innovative Cannabis Ecosystem 2022


What Is RastaSwap?


In order to bridge the gap between the regular stock market and crypto, RastaSwap is a community-driven enterprise. To make investing in cannabis firms and products simpler, we want to develop a platform to support new projects and entrepreneurs.

The Exchange

In the RastaSwap Ecosystem, the RastaSwap Exchange is the most important component, serving as a unique exchange for digital assets connected to the cannabis business.

To that end, they want to establish a secure and fair finance platform that will support cannabis firms and startups in their fundraising endeavors.
The process of accessing cannabis-related firms and goods throughout the globe is made simpler for investors as a result.

A new generation of cannabis-related companies from around the world will emerge as the global market for medical and recreational cannabis use expands. They hope to contribute to this expansion of the cannabis market by creating an appropriate structure for companies to tokenize and list their assets on exchanges.

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Tokenized Stocks

Tokenized stocks are a kind of derivative that represents conventional financial instruments.
that have been digitalized in the form of a blockchain token (also known as cryptocurrency)

One of the most significant advantages of tokenized stocks is the ability to own a piece of a company.
Traditional securities, access to markets around the clock, and increased liquidity are all available.
These digital assets are backed up 1:1 by conventional equities, ensuring that they are secure.
holders get the same economic rewards as if they were the actual owners of the underlying

Farms and Growers

Users will be able to stake their cryptocurrencies or tokens on the RastaSwap Exchange, therefore increasing the liquidity of the platform for everyone.


Using fixed percentual fees, users will be able to bet specific assets and get profits depending on those stakes. The staking earnings will be paid out on a daily basis, and users will be able to pick between a term of 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year with a percentage fluctuation depending on the duration and asset staked, or a period of 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year without lockout.


These would function as a liquidity pool, with users required to stake a pair of tokens in exchange for the opportunity to collect up to 80% of transaction fees.

Liquidity pools that are owned by the community

On RastaSwap, certain liquidity pools will be community-owned, and up to 80% of all transaction fees will be used to acquire RastaCoin and burn it, lowering the supply.

Security, Compliance And AML

Security and compliance, according to RastaSwap, are the cornerstones for reaching mainstream reputation and building confidence among users and investors.


To guarantee client due diligence, monitor and report suspicious transactions, and prevent illegal financing and criminal activities, the RastaSwap Platform aspires to fulfill the highest requirements of KYC and AML.

The objective of Rastaswap to become a safe and secure platform pervades every area and security feature they implement. Users, as well as their investments in the platform and community, need to feel safe.

Audits On The Project

The Exchange and its assets in custody will be subjected to comprehensive accounting and financial audits on a regular basis.
Transparency will govern these actions, ensuring the platform’s security and the peace of mind of its users.

All audits and transactions will be scrutinized by professional accountants, lawyers, and auditors. The team will appoint these individuals and they will be publicized at a later date.

Audits and financial statements shall be made available to all users upon request in a readily accessible manner. These, too, will be made public.


They guarantee that the strictest security requirements are followed. includes routine code audits, insurance, and any other requirements security precautions.

Protection Of Data

With the help of a powerful encryption algorithm, they are working on developing software that will safeguard user data. Private information and wallet private keys are encrypted many times before being sent to the recipient.

In addition to user transactions and assets, purchasers and identities are all very sensitive and valuable pieces of information that are often sought by criminal groups and businesses. It is understoond by the RastaSwap team, how critical it is to keep the users secure, to protect their information, and to avoid identity theft, hacking, and other forms of fraud.

A Crowd Platform For Funding Cannabis Projects

Cannabis enterprises at any level of development will be able to apply for money via the crowd platform, which will allow them to start or grow their commercial activities. With the goal of establishing mutually beneficial collaborations with cannabis firms, RastaSwap will support and promote the application process.

The projects that are submitted for consideration will be subjected to a rigorous selection and review procedure. An advisory board will be in charge of this process, which will include detailed business analyses and a determination as to whether a collaboration with RastaSwap is in the best interests of all parties involved. Those initiatives that get clearance from the board of directors will be asked to participate in RastaSwap Joint or RastaSwap Crowdfund.

Once the fundraising process has begun, tokenized assets will be created and marketed in accordance with the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) or STO (Storage Token Offering) models (Security Token Offering). Additionally, these new tokens will be available for trading on the RastaSwap Exchange.

Joint – A Program to Accelerate Cannabis Business

The RastaSwap Business Development Program was created with the goal of accelerating the growth and prospects for cannabis enterprises that have shown significant promise.

Based on the notion that each individual participant/project should have the right and duty to design and build their own personal development strategy, they choose to participate in the process as a partnership and mentoring. 

For a set period of 6 to 12 months, the RastaSwap Team of Advisors and Designated Mentors support companies in the discovery and execution of optimal practices, ultimately resulting in the firm being prepared to obtain investment. During this time period, they make certain that all required procedures are followed to boost the chance of success, and they collaborate to determine the best available option(s) for raising cash and maximizing profitability.

The RastaSwap Joint will begin by doing all of its business online; but, they anticipate moving to physical venues in the near future.

Funding and Crowdfunding

The staff will help with the selection of financing models, ensuring that the most appropriate model is put in place to finance projects. Traditional fundraising via RastaSwap — in the instance of seed funds, venture capital, or investment funds — as well as new crowdsourcing platforms will be available as options for entrepreneurs.

Direct Funds Through RastaSwap

Businesses and projects that need additional funding in order to participate in the Business Growth Program will be granted directly by RastaSwap via seed funds. RastaSwap will earn a share of the equity in tokens, which will be utilized to create early liquidity for the token or will be distributed to members of the community by airdropping.

Funding Through Institutional Investors

Providing funding for businesses and projects may be enabled through one of the partner investment funds, as well as by us directly. Those monies will be made available to satisfy the unique requirements of individual firms or initiatives, as well as to address special circumstances. Selection of projects and enterprises to receive money will be the responsibility of both their partner investment funds and their Advisor and Mentoring staff, who will work together. Following a straightforward registration procedure, these businesses will go through a multi-step process that may include up to four stages before completing their fundraising objectives.

Community Crowdfunding

The RastaSwap community will be able to demonstrate their power and support their favorite initiatives while maintaining a sense of duty and respect for one another.

The Crowdfunding initiative will depend on the support of the community to generate financing for firms that are still in the early stages of development. The staff will do a comprehensive pre-assessment before beginning work. Companies and projects will be chosen based on the suggestions of advisors and a vote by the community. Following the selection process, the firm or project will be published on the Crowdfunding Platform for public viewing.

NFT Marketplace

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data and is held on a blockchain, which is a kind of digital ledger. There are many different types of NFT data units that may be connected with digital files such as photographs, movies, and audio. NFTs vary from blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in that each token can be traced back to its original owner.

The RastaSwap NFT Marketplace is a platform committed to promoting one-of-a-kind community content created by cannabis-related artists, musicians, sports, and other individuals with unique perspectives.

Individuals may purchase, sell, and auction NFTs on the platform in the strictest of confidence, and the site is completely secure. In the beginning, they would organize a contest within the community to identify promising artists who will then be considered for inclusion on the RastaSwap NFT Team in the future. Exclusive collections created by the artists (e.g., NFT Cannabis Legends, Rich Rasta Club) Users will be able to create auctions, bid on things, and combine several items into a single bundle using the Rastaswap platform.

NFT Cannabis Legends

Artists working in the cannabis industry will be invited to join the unique collection of NFTs. Artists and influencers will be the only ones who will get invitations.

NFT’s By The Community

RastaSwap is a group of people that believe in the power of community. The engagement of the community and the solicitation of involvement in every endeavor and activity are the primary goals of the organization.

In conjunction with the community and diverse artists, new NFT collections will be created on a continual basis. In the future, they will appoint a team of judges to choose the artists who will be shown. Competitions will also be launched, with the winners receiving the chance to create special collections that will be available for purchase on the RastaSwap marketplace.

The NFT Purchasing Process Is Simple and Easy to Use

A common source of difficulty and difficulty is the fact that NFT transactions are fraught with complications and challenges. The goal is to alter this by enabling customers to purchase NFTs using their credit or debit card.

Fees for NFT transactions as well as purchasing methods

All NFT transactions will be conducted in $RCOIN. Purchases in other countries,the currencies will be changed automatically to the current market rate.

Credit and debit card purchases will also be accepted.

What Is The Rasta Club?

Rasta Club is a network of non-financial companies (NFTs) that combine experiences, incentives, and discounts across the platforms.

Participation by users is contingent upon owning at least one NFT with cumulative advantages of up to 3% in stakes. Users who own five Rasta Club NFTs will be able to attain VIP rank and get the greatest incentives.

Users that own five NFTs and a set quantity of $RCOINs ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 tokens will be admitted to the exclusive VIP Rasta’s club, which has four membership levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. VIP membership entitles users to additional benefits and access to the yearly RastaSwap event.

Users who have ownership of these NFTs will have access to Benefits.


In light of the development and quantity of study connected to cannabis, it is decided to look harder at nations that are beginning to open up to medical cannabis usage and products.

The experts evaluated carefully to discover areas of need and medical advantages of cannabis. The study focused on providing cannabinoid-based treatments to low-income households. They decided to donate to ONGs and non-profit programs that may aid families and establish cannabis as a reliable and beneficial therapy for many maladies and disorders.

It will launch the RastaSwap charity, an initiative that aims to better people’s lives and promote the benefits of cannabis. A 5% gift of the ICO revenues will go directly to the development and execution of this charity.

During Rastaswap’s first year of charitable work,they hope to enhance Rastaswap’s work’s function and usefulness. After the first 5% gift, they would review and award further charity donations. Their efforts are intended to offer serenity and tranquillity to those who may benefit from medical cannabis but do not presently have access to it.

The decentralized voting mechanism allows $RCOIN holders to decide which charities get funding and how they are distributed.

The Ecosystem’s objective is to democratize access to cannabinoid-based medications globally.

The RastaCoin Token – $RCOIN

For those unfamiliar with RastaCoin ($RCOIN), it is a utility token and the sole means of accessing the RastaSwap Ecosystem. It grants holders access to features, as well as the ability to participate in decision-making processes and community projects.

The currency was created as a deflationary token with burn mechanisms, which means that the quantity of RastaCoins is being steadily reduced.

Token Utility

The RastaCoin is the standard payment mechanism in the RastaSwap Ecosystem, and it is used to make purchases. RCOINs may be used to pay for a variety of services and goods, including trading fees, NFTs, and items.

RastaCoins also offer a variety of services to users of the exchange, such as:

Crowdfunding platform

Users need $RCOIN tokens in order to participate in crowdfunding campaigns or new token offers accessible on the RastaSwap Platform.

Governance and Voting

Holders of RastaCoins have the ability to vote. Participants in crucial decision-making processes, both current holistic community choices and those that will have an influence on the future of the RastaSwap project, may cast their votes and engage in important decision-making processes.

Trading Discounts

When trading cryptocurrency with RastaCoins, traders will benefit from fee reductions.

RastaClub allows you to extend your benefits

Gain access to the RastaClub and gain additional privileges.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution RastaSwap
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