What Is Ridotto? A Gambling And Lottery Protocol 2022


What is Ridotto?

With perfect transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness, Ridotto is the first cross-chain gaming and lottery system to be developed.

Ridotto’s aim is to offer an open protocol, driven by the community, via which users may participate in or create games while earning incentives for contributing liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem.

On top of the protocol, Ridotto created the Ridotto platform, which is now in use. It is a straightforward and user-friendly application that provides a real and vivid gaming experience.

The Platform and the Protocol

Full Transparency

The Ridotto protocol is distributed over numerous smart contracts on decentralized blockchains in order to guarantee complete transparency. Both players and liquidity providers have access to the winning rate, probability distributions, and all other characteristics of the game that are normally kept concealed by conventional casino operators, such as house edge.

Nested Interoperability

A cross-chain protocol, Ridotto is intended to reduce the prices of smart contracts and transaction fees while also increasing their efficiency. The distinctive approach used by the protocol is in the way it delivers an efficient user experience.

Easy Build

The Ridotto Lab, which is a part of the protocol, allows players to create their own games on the platform utilizing the Ridotto Protocol. It provides robust tools, SDKs, libraries, and the integration of other layers, like as oracles, into the system.

Community Governance

Ridotto is driven by the people who use it. Token holders will have a significant impact on the development of the game at every stage: from ideation to proposal to decision and everything in between. Ridotto will collaborate and integrate Ridotto’s thoughts in order to get the greatest possible result.

All-in-One App

Developed by Ridotto, the platform is an all-in-one application that offers a lively and enjoyable gaming experience. Its user-friendly layout allows players to quickly access their favorite games, pools, and wallet.

Staking Rewards

RIDOTTO departs from the usual “the house always wins” approach by including users in the decision-making process. RIDOTTO protocol users may earn incentives by staking their coins and providing liquidity to the network.
Users will have the opportunity to take on the role of the home in this method.

How does Ridotto Change The Game?

Before we get to that, let’s give a quick look to the facts:

Gambling Industry Issues

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Ridotto vs The House

Ridotto The House
DecentralizedCentralized organization
Transparent smart contract basedHidden operator algorithm
Gambling and DeFi ecosystemOnly for gambling
Open-source platformHigh entry barriers
Cryptocurrency jackpotsFiat jackpots
Instant payoutComplex payout process
What Is Ridotto? A Gambling And Lottery Protocol 2022
Source: Ridotto

Ridotto’s Competitors

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The Ecosystem

The House is made up of members of the community. By supplying liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem, players may receive incentives for their efforts.

Cross-chain games, powered by smart contracts, are available to players in a vast number of variations.

The Ridotto protocol is supported by a series of libraries and SDKs that allow game developers to construct games on top of the protocol.

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The Platform

Ridotto Lab

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Ridotto App

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A personalized home for each player, complete with an overview of profits, favorite games, and recommendations that are tailored to their tastes and previous playing experience.


It has a huge and diverse gaming library that is divided into four major categories: cards and table games, betting, slots, and lottery.
Ridotto gives complete transparency for all of Ridotto’s games, including the winning percentage and user comments.


Players take on the role of the house by supplying liquidity to the Ridotto DeFi protocol. The pools are related with the games and have varying annual percentage rates (APRs) and levels of risk exposure.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Event games featuring a random payout, such as APR cards multipliers, NFTs, and BTC jackpots, are popular.


Using a non-custodial wallet, you can keep track of your assets and profits.


Ridotto offers a cross-chain abstraction layer, tools, Oracle integration, and SDKs to allow for rapid game development and deployment.

The Games

To the Moon

A simplified crypto option game.

Mystery Box

A loot box containing random cryptocurrencies.

Hidden Gems

Cryptocurrency jackpots selected by the community.


Top 10 cryptocurrency slot machines.

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Staking Rewards

A true transparent and safe gaming platform, Ridotto makes use of the Blockchain to create a really transparent and secure gambling platform where the player may act as the house by supplying liquidity to the Ridotto protocol. It is intended that all revenues, prizes, and fees be split across the pools.

Ridotto divides its pool types into four categories, ranging from croupier games to lottery games, betting, and no-loss games.

Croupier Games

Serve as the house by supplying liquidity and you will be rewarded. In addition, the ecosystem fees will be divided among the pools as a multiplier, resulting in a net savings.

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Events outside of the betting game influence the outcome of the game. Smart contracts and oracle solutions are both utilized to process the events and identify the winners, and both are equally effective. The pool awards, on the other hand, will be mostly determined by the fees charged by the ecosystem.

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The Ridotto protocol, in contrast to traditional lotteries on the blockchain, provides payouts in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Lottery pools are provided with minimal risk and low annual percentage rate (APR).

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No-Loss Games

Never does a player’s original bet disappear. Ridotto pools (croupier, bet, and lottery) that generate a return depending on the pools’ annual percentage rate (APR) will be established with this sum. Once Ridotto reaches the time or prize criteria, a winner will be selected and awarded with the interest that has accrued throughout the game. It is anticipated that all of the players’ stakes would be preserved.

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Ridotto Pools

By supplying liquidity to the Ridotto pools, you may earn incentives. The pools are readily accessible via the Ridotto app and the platforms of our partners.
All information, including risk and annual percentage rate (APR), is disclosed in an open and transparent manner.

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Ridotto Has NFTS

Non Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) will be effortlessly incorporated into all areas of Ridotto’s play-build-bankroll ecosystem since they are a gaming platform. All of our NFTs will be guided by the idea of utility, which will provide special chances to consumers who are interested in optimizing their profits. The three types of NFTs identified by Ridotto are as follows:

Platform Advantages:

This initial batch of NFTs is the crowning achievement in terms of deployment on the protocol. They are responsible for overseeing the management of all casino assets within the Ridotto platform.

Game Specific:

It provides players with a number of benefits that are exclusive to Ridotto gaming.

Social and collaborative:

Players will benefit from the use of social NFTs since they will have a more distinctive and enhanced social experience.

NFT Farming

NFT Farming is the first substantial distribution of the RDT token utility in a big way. A token holder will have access to various Ridotto pools as a result of their purchase. Each pool will have a distinct reward, which will range from the platform, game, social & collaborative NFTs, and other types of NFTs.

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Riddoto Economics

Ridotto Token – RDT

RDT is the native utility and governance token that drives the Ridotto lottery and gambling protocol, as well as the Ridotto lottery and gambling protocol.

In addition to fees and liquidity, staking and the multiplier will all be linked to the RDT.

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Source: Ridotto

It has been decided that the token economics will be based on three primary pillars:

• a deflationary supply

• a sustainable and responsible release plan;

• a strategic vesting policy implemented using time-locked smart contracts

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Ridotto’s Roadmap

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