What Is the MEXC Exchange? A User-friendly CEX


What Is MEXC?

MEXC Global, which was established in 2018, is a technology exchange that specializes in high performance and mega transaction matching. MEXC Global’s workforce includes some of the industry’s early adopters and trailblazers in financial and blockchain technologies. 

MEXC Global already serves more than 6 million people in more than 70 countries throughout the globe, yet we have just begun our operations. With this fantastic performance, MEXC Global hopes to establish itself as the go-to platform for novice traders and seasoned investors alike as they go further along their financial path.

In nations like Australia, Estonia, and the United States, MEXC Global has established a presence on all continents by getting crucial licenses and clearing authorities in their respective countries.

MEXC Global also provides investors from many nations with customized language assistance, making it simpler for them to do business.

Developed by banking industry specialists, the exchange at MEXC Global is a high-speed trading engine capable of processing 1.4 million transactions per second, resulting in unprecedented efficiency and performance.

How To Buy Crypto On Mexc?

You can buy cryptocurrencies on the MEXC exchange by peer to peer trading (bank transfers and more), by third party payments (Simplex,Banxa,Mercuyo), and Push (a peer-to-peer exchange).

5 HodlCryptonite


MEXC offers spot trading and margin trading.

What Is the MEXC Exchange? A User-friendly CEX

How To Earn On MEXC

Earn What Is the MEXC Exchange? A User-friendly CEX

MEXC Launchpad

MEXC Launchpad gives MX Token holders with a unique, low-cost chance to participate in project tokens at an early stage in the development cycle.


Kickstarter is an activity that takes place during the pre-launch stage of a project in which the project commences voting for its launch on MEXC, and then airdrops its tokens for free to all users who vote successfully.

It is possible that MEXC will discontinue the specified project and unlock the voting token if the predetermined targets are not attained. The goal of this event is to entice more premium projects to list on MEXC while also providing free airdrops to MEXC participants.


Enjoy your mining reward, save it, and spend it whenever you want with freedom.

The M-day Events

Take advantage of special incentives for trading major digital currencies and keeping MX.

MX Zone

What is MX on MEXC?

MX Token (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by the MEXC platform based on Ethereum, and the proof of equity of the MEXC community. As the only platform token in the MEXC ecosystem, MX Token plays an important role in connecting communities, teams and partners.

Fee deduction, project listing voting, airdrop incentives, MX DeFi mining, and other applications are now supported by MX.

MEXC is devoted to empowering MX Token from the value level up, including via fee deduction, Launchpad, M-Day welfare sessions, project voting in the assessment area, and other means as determined by the community.

MX has also launched the “Everything Growth Plan,” making it the first BSC and Heco cross-chain asset to do so.

The “Everything Growth Plan” provides utility features such as on-chain lending, liquidity mining, and DEX trading, all of which are intended to improve the MX token economy and expand the number of MX usage scenarios.

The MX Token Offers

  • Trading Fee Deduction
  • New Launchpad subscription
  • M-Day Event
  • Referral Reward
  • Ecological Fund
  • Offline Payments

Parachain Slot Auction

Vote for your favorite projects and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Assessment Zone Voting

Elect your favorite projects in the assessment zone and you’ll be eligible to get trading fee rebates.

MEXC Staking

ETH 2.0 Staking


Overview of the voting process

NFT Index funds will be available at MEXC in the near future! MEXC will choose high-quality NFT initiatives and debut them in the Innovation Zone once they have been divided into smaller groups.

As a MEXC user, you now have the ability to vote on which NFT project will be posted on MEXC in the future!
‘Voting procedure’ is an abbreviation.

  1. To cast your vote for your favorite NFT project, please use the MX button.
  1. MEXC will purchase the NFT depending on the outcome of the vote and will launch the NFT Index funds in accordance with the voting result.
  2. By trading NFT Index funds, users may get the appropriate shares in the company.

User Security Is Important To MEXC

User security is of the utmost importance to MEXC Global, which is why our servers are distributed across different countries, assuring the highest level of data integrity and security possible for our users.

Why Should You Choose MEXC?

Within one year, the company will have a significant portion of the worldwide digital asset trading industry. MEXC Global was recently honored with the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award at the Crypto Expo Dubai in 2021, adding another star to the already impressive list of accomplishments by the MEXC team and bringing the total number of awards won by the company to nine.

Safety and Stability

System design with many tiers and clusters

High Performance

Technological advances in high-performance trade matching engines are capable of processing an incredible 1.4 million units per second.

High Liquidity

6+ Million traders, in conjunction with MEXC GLOBAL partners, ensure that there is sufficient liquidity and an abundance of resources on the platform.

Localized Language Support

Provides support for many languages all across the world, allowing us to provide tailored information for our international traders.

Multi Cryptocurrency Support

Providing trading pairs and cryptocurrencies for our traders, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies.

Derivatives On MEXC

MEXC Derivatives What Is the MEXC Exchange? A User-friendly CEX

MEXC offers many derivative options on their website.

Leveraged ETFs

Increased Leverage With No Liquidation Risk


On MEXC you can leverage up to X125 with superior spreads

Index ETFs

You may diversify your risk by investing in a number of different assets

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